Project CARS 2 puts you in the driving seat of the fastest, coolest, and most exclusive cars on the planet on many of the world’s greatest race tracks. Exploring the full set of menu options will allow you to personalise the game to your individual tastes.

But if you’re keen to dive right in, you’re in the right place. Let’s get you behind the wheel then, shall we?

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After you’ve launched Project CARS 2, choose the Quick Play tab and click on the Custom Race tile.

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First up, choose the car you’d like to race in. Click on the Vehicle Select tab, and choose your car from the plethora of manufacturers and models that are available (180+ if you’re counting).

You can also change the livery of your selected car by clicking the Livery Select button, then click Select to confirm the new livery.

Once you’ve selected the car you want, hit Select to confirm the car, and now return to the Custom Event menu.

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Next up, choose the track that you want to race on. Click on Track Select, then choose your preferred track from the scrolling list.

If available, you can also select different variations (layouts) of a track from the scrolling panel to the right of the main track list. Save your choice by clicking Select.

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Now you can set the parameters for the race, including the duration, number of laps, date, and weather. Click Save to embed any changes you’ve made.

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Select the Opponent Settings panel to choose the number of opponents, their skill, and the type of cars you want to race against. Click Save to return to the Custom Event screen.

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Use the Rules & Regulations panel to set up how severe the penalties will be for infractions such as overtaking under yellow flags, or exceeding track limits. Click Save to return to the previous screen, then click on Start.

Strap yourself in, you’re almost there!

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Once the loading is complete and you see the pre-race menu, click on Start here as well to jump straight into the session. Now it’s time to try and win your first race!

It’s time for your first race. Have fun out there! When you’re ready to explore the game, come back here and we’ll talk you through the ins-and-outs of Project CARS 2.


Now that you’ve had your first taste of Project Cars 2, it’s time to set up the game to your liking.

Race Central is the main hub of Project Cars 2. Here you can navigate to every feature of the game. There are six Main Menu options, allowing you to personalise your settings for Project Cars 2, create race events, and start your journey into the adrenaline-fueled world of authentic motorsport.

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Career mode opens up an interactive journey through your life as a race driver. Care has been taken to replicate the real-world life of a motorsport driver: you can choose to climb up the motorsport ladder starting at the very bottom in karts, or jump straight into your favourite motorsport discipline. You can focus on one discipline, or, as most drivers do in their career, jump from discipline to discipline.

See the main section on Career mode to get an in-depth look at this feature of Project CARS 2.

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While the Career mode assembles races into structured seasons, with Quick Play you can dive directly into a single custom event, whether locally or online.

On the single-player side, you can create a one-off Custom Race with the cars and track you want.

Private Testing allows you to practice a specific car and track combination—the perfect environment to hone a car set-up, learn a track, and get quicker.

If you’re ready to go door-to-door (or wheel-to-wheel) against drivers from around the world, then you can Browse Online to find multiplayer sessions to join, or you can start your own race event using Create Online Event.

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This tab is your entry point into competitive events in an online environment. Here you can find the Time-Trial mode, and the Community Events (where you can compete against a global set of opponents).

The esports tab is where you can learn about what is going on in the world of competitive online racing. You can catch up with the latest news and results from online tournaments, and also find live broadcasts of running events, as well as recordings of past races.

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This tab is the place to find all your personal racing statistics. Under Driver Profile you can access your Competitive Racing Licence History, with a complete summary of all your race starts, qualifying, and race results.

Affinity, meanwhile, shows you an insight into your favourite cars and tracks.

The Images and Videos panels are where you can find saved screenshots and recordings of your sessions.

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Under options is where you can tailor the game to your personal preference. Start with setting up the visual appearance and performance level of the game, where you can adjust the gameplay within Project CARS 2, alter the nuances of the audio, and modify the controller and force feedback settings in order to provide you with a personalised driving experience.

The Options system has a comprehensive set of roll-over help notes that will explain each setting in detail.

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The final tab covers all the associated social media feeds of Project CARS 2. Here you can share your own experiences, check out the latest news, and also review stunning images and videos taken straight from the game.

The Gear panel links out to stylish Project Cars 2 merchandise, and the Credits panel shows the extensive team that put so much time into making Project Cars 2 the game it is.

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