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The Community tab in Race Central is the hub for your online racing experience. Here you can take part in single multiplayer races, or battle against the clock in Time-Trial events. You can keep up with all the esports news around Project CARS 2, too, and check out the latest results.

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Clicking on the Community Events tile under Community in Race Central will display all online events, whether they’re currently Active, Upcoming, or Finished.

You will be able to recognise each event by its unique poster; click on one to see the event details. While the active events will be highlighted by default, you can change the selection to ones that have already been run, or future events. As soon as you click one of the events, you will see the following information:
• The track name and the cars you are allowed to use
• The start and finish dates and the remaining time for the event
• Current benchmark results
• Other information such as website links, prizes and online Reputation or Strength requirements

If you select an active event tile, you will be taken to its leaderboard. Results from past events will be shown. New Community Events will also be posted periodically, allowing you to enter various disciplines of esports in Project CARS 2 such as Time-Trials and other online events.

There are three event types:


These events will often take place over a period of several weeks. A full description of the specific criteria will be posted with each event. Normally you will be presented with a choice of car, and events can sometimes take place across a number of tracks where you try and set the fastest lap-time. There is no limit to the number of times you can enter an event, nor how many times you can improve your time. You can even change your car if there is a choice available, even if you have already set an eligible fastest time with a different vehicle.


These events are shorter and more focussed. You will be presented with just one track and one or sometimes a choice of optional cars you can drive at that track. These events can include special one-offs that reflect real events happening during a specific time of year.


Community events will be used to provide you with a way to qualify for big-stage events, such as sponsored online racing series. Whether those qualifiers are region-specific or global, you will be able to try and claim one of the spots on the grid.

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The Time-Trial mode is for all those who love to battle against the clock, striving to set the fastest time of all the drivers out there—or at least to be faster than all your friends.

This mode sets a level playing field for each event, with defined criteria for tracks, conditions, and vehicles. On the left hand side, you can choose the location you want to participate at, and the car you wish to compete in, plus options to add up to three ghost reference cars.

Next to the selection tiles you can see the leaderboard. This list will show the fastest times for the track you have selected, comprising the following information:
• The entrant’s name, avatar, nationality and their community ranking
• The vehicle used to set the time and its class
• The lap-time and the delta to the World Record time
• The controller type used and the setup type (preset or custom)

At the very top of the list you will see your fastest lap-time (if you have set one), including the timing information. You can filter the list by class or car by clicking on the filter option in the top right hand corner of the leaderboard.

Just above that, you can switch the displayed times between Global (everyone online) or Friends (designated friends).

Ghost cars can be used as reference when you’re out on track. Up to three ghost cars can be selected, which can represent laps set by yourself or other competitors.

When out on track, they will appear as translucent vehicles which fade out as you get closer in order to be less distracting.

You can’t collide with them, so you can drive your lines as normal. There are also a number of options for the ghost cars:

• None
This will discard any selected ghost cars, leaving you to drive solo on the track.
• World Record
This will put the world record holder on the track, from all cars that have driven on this track.
• Fastest Matching Car
This will choose the ghost for the fastest time in the same car that you have currently selected.
• Fastest Matching Class Car
This will choose the fastest ghost from the class your car belongs to.
• Fastest Friend
The fastest lap from your friends list will be selected.
• Personal Best
You will compete against your personal best in the chosen car.
• Session Best
As you can restart the heat several times, you can pick this option to update the ghost to repeat the best time you have achieved in the current session.
• Player Selection
This is a lap chosen from the leaderboard. You can scroll through a leaderboard and pick any car’s lap as reference. If the driver has shared their set-up, you’ll also be able to access that data.

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