Project CARS 2 allows you to create completely bespoke racing environments, from the cars and tracks down to the precise date and weather patterns. Choose Custom Race from the Quickplay tab in Race Central to tailor a race event. Alternatively, you can select Private Testing if you want to run solo on-track without opponents, which will disable all of the options relating to races.

When you click on Custom Race, you’ll be presented with eight options to customise your experience.

• Vehicle Select
• Track Select
• Race Settings
• Session Settings
• Opponent Settings
• Rules & Regulations
• Favourites
• Motorsport Presets

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The Vehicle Selection screen allows you to pick from the impressive numbers of cars available in Project CARS 2.

You can see a preview of a selected car on the right of the screen, along with its full range of statistics, including class, drive, top speed, acceleration, power and more, along with a rough outline of how difficult the car is to control, and (roughly) how fast it is through corners.

Click on the Showroom button to take you into the 360-degree viewing mode, where you can see the selected car in all its glorious detail.

You can use Photo Mode to set up stunning images of your car, which are then saved to Your Profile. You can change the camera type and use realistic camera controls to set up your shot, and then apply any of a range of filters to complete your image. You can also display the cars either alphabetically by individual car, or as a list by clicking on the icons below Vehicle Select. The list view can be toggled between Manufacturer and Class.

Click on Livery Select to view all the liveries available for the selected car. Once you have chosen your desired car and livery, click Select to return to the main Custom Event screen.

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The Track Select screen can be toggled to display either by location or individual track layout: you can do this by clicking on the icons below Track Select.

The location view shows each track, with a list of available configurations (note: not all tracks have more than one configuration) shown to the right.

The individual track layout views also shows all available track layouts in alphabetical order, in one long scrolling list.

Clicking on a track layout will show a preview of the circuit along with geographic, circuit type, turn and length information. Click Select to choose that circuit and return to the main Custom Event screen.

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This is where you can choose the specific details of your race, including environmental effects.

• Race Type
You can toggle between the race length being dictated by time or a set number of laps. If you toggle to Time, you can set the Session Duration in hours and minutes. If set to Laps, then you can choose the number of laps, from 1 to 999.

• Date Type
Each track has a Default Date associated with it, but that can be changed to either Current Date (which will select your current local date) or Custom Date if you want to be able to choose a specific date in the past or even the future. Changing to a Custom Date will automatically change the Season to the correct option.

• Session Start Time
You can choose to start the race at any time of day.

• Time Progression
You can control time in Project CARS 2. You can either stop time completely by setting Time Progression to Off (which will freeze all lighting and environmental effects to the race starting time), or to Real Time, or you can even speed up time—for instance, if you want to get the full gamut of day and night or weather effects in a shorter race.

You can increase the speed of time from 2x to 60x.

• Season
You can change the Seasons between Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Snow, which will dynamically alter the way the selected track is presented.

Changing the Season will automatically change the date to match.

• Weather Slots
Up to four Weather Slots can be selected, which will pass in relation to the selected Time Progression setting.

• Weather Forecast
This will open up a customisable weather option for every Weather Slot you have activated. Click on a weather icon to change the Weather Slot to your desired weather option, from sunny to blizzard and more.

• Weather Progression
You can change how rapidly the weather changes, letting it progress either in Real Time, compacting any selected Weather Slots to the length of your race, or by speeding it up from 2x to 60x.

• Start Type
The start of a race can be set to either a Standing Start, where all cars start the race from their grid slots, or a Rolling Start. If a Rolling Start is selected, you can toggle a Formation Lap to Yes or No. If set to Yes, then you will have to manually control your car round the formation lap to the start; otherwise, control of your car will be automatically handled until just before the start.

• Mandatory Pit Stop
Toggling this to Yes will mean that all cars in the race must stop in the pits at least once.

Once you have made your selections, click Save to return to the main Custom Event screen.

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By default, your race event will always include a race session, but you can also add in Practice and Qualifying sessions. To turn them on, toggle them from Off to On, and then set the Session Start Time and Session Duration Time. You can also click on the Settings icon to change Time Progression and Weather options for each session.

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Here you can set up the cars and drivers who will compete with you on track.

• Opponent number
You can set this from 0-31 at the majority of tracks, but note that some circuits have restrictions—particularly rallycross tracks, which can normally support a maximum of six cars in total.

• Opponent AI
You can set the expertise of the opposing drivers from 0 to 100, with the lower numbers representing beginner drivers who will provide less opposition, and higher numbered aces who you will be hard-pressed to beat.

• Opponent Aggression
Set how aggressive other drivers will be out on track on a scale from 0 to 100. At low numbers, competitors are more likely to back out of a move; with higher numbers they won’t be afraid to trade paint on the way past.

• Opponent Field Type
There are three options here. You can set all opponents to be in the same car as the one you have selected (Identical), be randomly picked from the same class as the car you have selected (Same Class), or to come from up to four differing classes by choosing Multi-Class.

• Player Grid Position
If there is no qualifying session included in your race weekend, you will have to decide where you will start the race.

There are three general placement options:

Player Front (you start from pole): Player Middle (you start mid-pack): and Player Last (you start dead last).

You can also choose Random to be assigned a random start position, or Player Custom to choose the Specific Grid Position.

Click Save to embed the changes and return to the Custom Event screen.

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Here you can configure the leniency of penalties for your event, and which rules you want enabled or disabled.

• Rules & Penalties
Selecting Off will turn off all the options: On will allow you to configure each possible option.

• Track Limit Penalties
This can be toggled to be On or Off. If it’s set to On, then you can configure the Allowable Time Penalty that will be handed out to drivers who contravene the track limits, from 5 seconds up to 30 seconds.

• Drive-Through Penalties
To deal with particularly bad or aggressive driving, or for going out of position during a start or through a yellow flag zone, Drive-Through Penalties can be switched to On.

• Pit Exit Penalty
If this is switched to On, then crossing the white line at the pit exit when joining the track will lead to a penalty.

• Competitive Racing Licence
Setting the Competitive Racing Licence option to ON enables players to create and find multiplayer lobbies with custom skill restrictions.

The creator of the lobby is able to set the minimum lobby entry requirement, representing a combination of criteria describing Safety and Strength.

Note: The admin may set the minimum requirement to no greater than their own Safety and Strength values.

Safety is indicated as a letter, progressing incrementally through clean driving across the following designations, from the lowest to the highest: U, F, E, D, C, B, A, and S.

If you have frequent incidents when driving, such as collisions with other drivers or going off-track, your Safety rating may decrease.

Strength is indicated by a numerical value, such as 1500, and will rise and fall based upon final race standings versus your competitors.

Note: There are bonuses to be had in multi-class online racing by beating competitors who are driving faster vehicles.

By using these restrictions, players are able to set up matches with equally skilled and like-minded players. To discourage quitting active sessions, there are Strength penalties for those who leave early from race sessions with a race-worthy vehicle.

With the Competitive Racing Licence option turned Off, the Safety and Strength metrics are not updated, allowing players to practice, qualify and race without advantage or consequence.

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If you’ve got a preferred setup for a night race or rallycross event, or any other configuration, you can save it as a Favourite.

The last four sets of race options you’ve created will be available under Favourites.

You can also save up to four specific sets of options by clicking the Set As Favourite button, which will highlight that setup in green.

Note: Every setup you save will reduce the number of event setups that will be shown. So if you have four saved setups, you will have to deselect a Favourite to display the settings from the last session and save it as a new Favourite.

Project CARS 2 Digital Manual 01b-custom-event-02-motorsport-presets_orig


Motorsport Presets can be used to quickly select event settings specific to certain motorsports, such as car classes, race lengths, opponents and rules.

These can subsequently be fine-tuned to your preference. If you have selected a Motorsport Preset, its name will be displayed in the Motorsport Preset Active area shown underneath your Custom Event Options.

Car and track options will be limited under specific presets, although you can still change all session options, regulations and environmental effects: click on Disable to turn off the preset and reactivate all the normal options.

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