Through its comprehensive multiplayer engine, Project CARS 2 builds on the plethora of options available to you offline in Custom Events to allow the quick setup of online races.

You can set up your race event using all the same vehicle, track, race, session, opponent and rules settings as you do offline (including Motorsport Preset and Favourite shortcuts), and then add a layer of multiplayer options to get your event online.

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Click on Host Settings at the top of the Online Custom Event window to set up your online session.
• Lobby Name
Enter a unique name that identifies your event.
• Password
Setting a password for your lobby allows you to control who can join your race event.
• Privacy
There are three privacy options to choose from.

Anyone can join your event.
Friends Only
This limits people who can join to those specified as either your direct Friends inside Project CARS 2, or Friends of Friends.
This will remove the event from the online browser, meaning drivers have to be invited to join the race.

• Broadcast
You can add Director and Broadcaster roles to your event who will be tasked with recording and live streaming of events. Turning this On will automatically make the event Private.

• Wait For Race Ready Input
Turning this On or Off determines whether the Pre-Race screen is displayed at the beginning of a race session. If On, then drivers can adjust their Tuning Setups, pit strategies and game options before the race begins. The race session will not begin until all drivers have signalled that they are ready

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You can set up detailed options for the race session, including driving views, driver aids, damage and pit-stops.

Click Start to launch the online session.

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As the organiser, you can change certain aspects of the event once it has loaded, such as the track and certain race settings (including duration, dates and weather).

You can also change your own car choice if you are participating in the event. Waiting For Players will be displayed at the bottom of the screen until drivers join the lobby. Clicking the Lobby Launch button will begin a timer, counting down to the session start. This will be 60 seconds if not all players have clicked Ready, otherwise there will only be five seconds.

Players will still be able to join active non-race sessions.

Clicking on a player name in the Driver Roster table allows you to assign Director or Broadcaster roles, as well as showing Friend Request, Ready Up, and Vote To Kick options. New roles will be shown as icons next the player’s name.

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