​Project CARS 2 allows you to participate in racing events against competitors from around the world.

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Under Quick Play in Race Central, you can join online races by clicking the Browse Online tab. This will open a list of available online sessions, displayed with their lobby name, track, available slots, speed of connection, and session information. The number of online sessions will be listed to the upper left of the main lobby browser, along with a refresh icon to reload active sessions.

You can sort the browser by any column, by clicking on the column title. You can also filter the available online lobbies using the Filtered By controls on the upper right of the browser. This means you can select either peer-to-peer or dedicated servers, hide empty lobbies, and filter by various race, class and location types.

If a lobby is not password-protected (a padlock icon will be displayed to the left of the lobby name if the event is limited), clicking on it will bring up additional information about the race. As in the summary, you will be shown the track and the car classes used in the event. You’ll also see a list of all active sessions and their lengths, starting times, weather conditions, and acceleration rates of time and weather.

Realism settings and allowable driver aids will be listed, as well as race details such as pit stop and penalty details. Some events may also have restrictions on driver grades and reputation.

Click the Join button at the end of a lobby’s information row to load that session.

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The online lobby is where you prepare for an online session. All the configured session types, lengths and weather conditions can be viewed on the session settings tile, and you will also see a list of all the names of drivers participating in the event, along with their nationalities, reputation grades, car, class and connection strength.

Players will special roles such as a Director will also be marked. You can view a driver’s profile, add drivers to your Friends list, or vote to kick a player from the lobby if necessary.

The track details and race regulations can also be inspected.

The Chat box is a PC-only feature that allows you to participate in the conversation around this specific event. The Mute option can be used to restrict certain players’ ability to post messages.

On consoles, players can communicate via a headset.

You can select your car using the normal Vehicle Select options, potentially restricted by any event limitations, and change car setups and pit strategies if available in the session.

Once you are prepared to start a session, click the Ready button. If a non-race session is already in progress, you will be able to join the track: if awaiting the start of a race where the organiser has used the option where everyone has to signal their readiness, the race will start once all competitors have clicked Ready.

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