Available under the tab in Race Central, this section records your overall progress in the world of Project CARS 2, tracking your race results, your favourite cars and tracks, and your fame stats, as well as being the place to find all your saved screenshots and replays.

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Here you can view your Competitive Racing License details, showing your personal profile details and privileges. You can edit your profile by clicking Edit Info.

Your performance across solo and online play is shown in the Performance Summary, with a breakdown of your starts, finishing positions and penalties.

The Experience box displays how many hours of events you’ve competed in, split across the various categories, while Focus divides up your time between racing, qualifying and engineering.

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This screen aggregates data about your favourite cars and tracks. Favourite Car displays the top three cars that you have driven, by either distance driven or the time you’ve spent in the car, along with stats on wins, car classes, controller preference and driving views.

Similarly, Favourite Location shows your top three tracks.

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This tab is where you can find all the screenshots you’ve taken in Photo Mode. Click on an image to be given the choice to either View it in full-screen mode, or Delete to remove it from your Driver Network Gallery.

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Saved replays from sessions you’ve taken part in will be saved here, shown with Location, Car and Class information, as well as the date of the replay and its length. Click on a replay to either View or Delete it.

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