You can re-live moments in your racing career using the replay mode in Project CARS 2, or sit back and watch spectacular action on track using the Spectator mode.

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At the end of a solo or online session, you can re-watch the entire event with the option to save the replay to your Driver Network Profile.

Additionally, during any single-player session, you can pause the action and access Quick Replay, which will show you only the most recent on-track action.

The top of the Replay screen will show you the event Overview with information such as lap and session details, currently viewed car, and timing information to cars ahead and behind.

You can double-click on any car in the Leaderboard (displayed on the left of the screen) to change the selected car.

At the bottom of the screen is a comprehensive set of playback options. You can rewind, pause or fast-forward the video. The current time progression is displayed to the right of the controls, alongside an icon that takes you into Photo Mode if you want to capture a still of a specific moment.

There will also be a Save icon displayed here at the end of a session, so you can save the replay to your Driver Network Profile.

You can also change the current camera view by clicking on any of the options along the bottom of the panel, and toggle Broadcast Overlays On or Off.

A yellow highlight means a camera view or overlay is active. Overview turns the timing information at the top of the screen On or Off.

Map turns the mini-map and position overlay On or Off.

Clicking on Interface will remove all the overlays to present a clear screen: click the Escape key to return to the overlay mode.

Note: Overlays are never saved into replays or screenshots.


If you feel like sitting back and watching some racing action, this is the place for you.

During a single-player event, you can watch non-race sessions in real-time whilst your car is in the pits by clicking on the Monitor option in the Pit Box menu. This will show you the regular Replay options, with additional status information about each car added to the Leaderboard, as well as Track Conditions and Vehicle Status, in the upper-right corner of the screen.

If you fail to finish a race, due to a mechanical failure or a crash (for instance), you can also drop into Monitor mode to see how the rest of the race unfolds.

In multiplayer modes, you have the same options available, but with the added alternative of watching an entire race in Spectator Mode.

Spectator Mode means you will not be able to drive in any of the sessions, but you can freely follow any car in any view during an event using the same functionality as Replay mode.

If a Director is present during an online race, you can also choose to follow his broadcast.

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Director Mode is accessible in online lobbies, and is a role assigned by the administrator of the event. The Director is presented with a purpose-designed screen with additional utilities to control the broadcast stream and associated information.

The Director can control all camera angles and car views, as well as adding overlays, using a sophisticated interface to seamlessly navigate through cameras and important information, and enjoy full integration with commentary.

As the Director, your screen is split into the following several segments.

• Live View Window
This part of your screen shows your live broadcast. What you will see here is the output you send to spectators.

• Detailed Information
Close to the top edge of the screen, you can find detailed information about the current session. This includes information about the track and its location, but most importantly prevailing weather conditions. This might give you precious information for the broadcast—such as if rain is about to come into play.

• Overhead Track Map
This map shows the relative location of cars to each other around the track. You can click on any car to switch the camera focus to that car. All static cameras around the track will also be marked and selected, which is especially useful at the start of a race where all the cars are closely packed.

• Driver Standings
The Driver Standings panel is quite similar to the regular Leaderboard, but here you can see the full names of all drivers. You can click on any driver’s name to centre the view on them.
an action icon is shown whenever a driver closes the gap to the driver in front to less than one second.

• Race Information
At the bottom edge of the screen you will be provided with details about the currently running session, with dynamic updates for specific events:
• Race start and finish.
• All laps started by the current leader of the race.
• New fastest laps.
• Whenever a driver overtakes another .
• Drivers entering or exiting the pit-lane.
• Drivers taking their joker lap (for rallycross events only).
• Crashes or penalties.

• Camera Control
The camera controls are the same as the ones to be found in the Replay Mode. The key difference is the location of those commands, as like everything else in Director Mode, they are placed outside the Live View Window.

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Just like Director Mode, the admin of an online lobby can select a player to act as the Broadcaster of the race. The Broadcaster receives the view of the race and information overlays selected by the Director, but without all the Director’s controls cluttering up the screen.

This view is what will be broadcast.

Note: This role only will work if another player has been chosen as the Director.