Episode 21 – Improving Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness key to good success:

  • Allows you to make better-informed decisions for strategic calls
  • Knowing where other cars are around you helps to avoid contact with opponents, reducing the risk of spins or damage inflicted on the car.

In-game features can use:

Track Map

  • Track map allows you to see the position of yourself and opponents around the circuit. Your own position marked by a blue arrowhead, all other opponents are marked with dots.
  • Doesn’t show whole track but zooms out (to show more of the track) as speed increases and zooms back in (showing less of the track) at lower speeds.
  • White dots = opponents on the same lap as you, blue dot = opponents a lap down / are being lapped by you, red dot = opponents a lap up / are lapping you.
  • Not the best for seeing fine detail and gauging close proximity opponents.

Proximity Arrows

  • Set of arrows at the bottom of the screen, which moves left and right to indicate the location of an opponent in close proximity behind you.
  • Maximum of 4 arrows at any one time, indicating the 4 nearest opponents.
  • Arrow will appear and start green when an opponent is within 30 metres of your car, orange when within 20 metres, red when less than 10 metres.
  • Also shows when a car is alongside you, to some extent. Doesn’t show cars in close proximity when in front of your car.

Race Engineer

  • Audio cues useful for getting general information about your car and the race as a whole.
  • Provides info on tyres, brakes, damage reports of your car, info about weather changes, provides motivational speech to catch and defend from opponents.


  • Audio version of Proximity Arrows
  • Informs you of when other cars are close behind and how close, when you have a car or multiple cars alongside, and then once you are clear of the car alongside you.

Rear View Mirror (HUD)

  • Rewards facing view placed at the top of the screen (default location)
  • Replicates the in-car rearview mirror, regardless of the car that you are driving and whether it physically has a rear view mirror or not.
  • Allows you to visually see the location of the cars behind you.

Relative Board (HUD)

  • By default, this is off.
  • Provides information about the 3 cars directly in front and 3 cars behind you, regardless of their actual racing position.
  • Displays (from left to right) the Class Position, Car Class, Overall Position (regardless of class), Driver Name and then physical gap to that car
  • Overall Position, Driver Name and Gap to car change colour in the same way as track map, so white = same lap and racing for position, blue = opponents a lap down / are being lapped by you, red = opponents a lap up / are lapping you. Also grey = opponent in the pit lane making a pit stop or in pit garage.
  • Very useful in endurance and multi-class races, as it allows you to see if there are any cars between you and the next driver you are racing. Gives live updates about the physical gap between you and each car.

VR/Motion tracking devices

  • Allows you to control the camera and look around whilst maintaining control of the car.
  • Very useful for more immersive experience in checking in-car rear view mirrors and wing mirrors, rather than using other visual aids.
  • Allows you to look out the side windows to locate cars alongside you in blind spots, look through corners at potential upcoming dangers.
  • Not available to everyone though, however, buttons can be mapped to make the camera look left and look right, controllers already have this control mapped to the right analogue stick by default.

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