The weather in Project CARS 2 is as real as it gets. Except that you get to configure it exactly as you want—when you want. Here’s how …


Date Type allows you to configure the in-game date that the race/session will take place on using the following parameters:

  • Current Date: The current real-life date
  • Default Date: A pre-programmed date as to when a Main Race takes place on the selected circuit. This date will always be the same for the specific track that you’ve chosen
  • Custom Date: Allows you to enter a specific date. This will have a direct impact on the Seasons option that will be used on the track


The in-game start time for the race/session, which is always on the hour mark.


The speed at which time progresses during the race/session. Some staple examples include:

  • For Full 24 hours with normal progression: use real time progression
  • For full day-night cycle in 12 hours of real time: use 2x Time Progression
  • For full day-night cycle in 2.4 hours of real time: use 10x Time Progression
  • For full day-night cycle in 24 minutes of real time: use 60x Time Progression


The Season option allows you to choose the season of the year in which the race will take place in.

  • This has an effect on the Date Type option
  • This is also influenced by track location (Northern vs Southern Hemisphere) as to when the seasons take place in relation to the date
  • This, furthermore, has an impact on “track dressing”, influencing the colour of the grass, trees and other foliage, and also the ambient and track temperatures (summer will clearly be a lot warmer than winter!)
  • Select snow option to have snow on the surface of the track


Weather slots allow you to select the number of weather slots to configure for your session. The minimum is 1 weather slot, the maximum is 4 slots.


Selecting the Real Weather option takes data from a weather data centre, which records the current weather conditions at the track location in the real-world and injects them into the game. This updates every hour so it isn’t fully sync’d live, but the game handles the transitions if there are changes in the weather. The Real Weather option is however a PC only feature, and is not available on consoles.


This will allow you to configure the weather for a specific slot in the session. The first slot is the weather that the session will start with, before progressing to the other weather types (if enabled) configured after it. If only one slot is configured, the weather will remain fixed to that condition throughout the entirety of the session.


This allows you to determine the speed at which the weather progresses from one slot to the next. With ‘Real Time’ weather, each slot represents the top-of-the-hour mark, with slot 1 being Hour 0 (the start of the race), slot 2 being Hour 1, slot 3 being Hour 2, etc. Accelerating the progression alters the speed at which time progresses: for example, 2x progression means each slot takes half the time, with slot 1 being hour 0, slot 2 being 30 minutes, slot 3 being hour 1, etc. The actual start point of the transition from one slot to another, and the time it takes to complete the transition, is random. The ‘Sync to Session’ option evenly spreads the number of selected weather slots across the session, and transition between them all within the session’s duration.


Now sit back at Yorkie guides you through each setting in detail for you to configure for your race, practice or qualifying session.

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