Project CARS 2 The Insider's Guide Episode 26


The starting point for the LiveTrack 3.0 system and its paramaters is called “LiveTrack seed”, and it’s from where LiveTrack 3.0 evolves. The main parameters of the LiveTrack seed are:

Main Parameters

  • Rain / Wetness Level: The amount of dynamic water on the track which forms the LiveTrack puddles
  • Driven Wetness / Saturation: How wet the ground surfaces are, which is represented by the colour of the surface, its reflectiveness, and the small detail puddles off the racing line on the track’s edges
  • Snow Level: The amount of snow built up on the track surface
  • Rubbering In: The amount of rubber built-up on the racing line of the track
  • Dirt and Loose Material: The amount of dirt, dust, mud, gravel and other loose materials on the track off the racing line.

LiveTrack seeds are randomly generated (within parameters) at the start of your first session in an event, and this LiveTrack data will be carried over from the end of one session to the next.

Typically, Practice sessions will start with least amount of Rubbering-In, and more Dirt and Loose Material than Qualifying or Race sessions. If you start with the Race session without doing the Qualifying or Practice sessions, the Race will have more Rubbering In and less Dirt and Loose Material in the seed, as it “simulates” the practice and qualifying sessions.

Weather is similar to the LiveTrack seed parameters in that a random starting point is generated at the beginning of each event session and within the parameters and configuration settings you set for that event and its sessions. These randomly generated weather factors include:


  • Ambient Temperature: Air temperature around the track
  • Track Temperature: The temperature of the track’s surface. Note that this replicates real-life where it is only taken from one point around the track (such as the pit lane or start/finish straight) and this means that other areas of the track may be hotter or cooler than the indicated temperature, depending on the amount of sunlight those spots are receiving
  • Wind Speed: Speed of the wind
  • Wind Direction: Which way the wind is blowing

You will likely experience variations of the above each time you load up into an event, even if you haven’t configured or changed any of the events settings.

The mix up of the two often means that you will experience differences in the handling of the car from one practice session to the next as the track is forever changing and evolving. No two trips to the same track, no matter how similar the conditions, are going to feel identical. The whole LiveTrack and weather system is designed to offer a far more authentic and dynamic feel to your racing.

With Time Trial and Community Events, LiveTrack 3.0 and Weather advancement is turned off, so you won’t see more rubber build up the more laps you drive. The LiveTrack and weather seed is identical for all players in the events or TT sessions, making it fair and identical for all participating.

If you want to see the LiveTrack 3.0 effects in effect, watch Episode 26 of The Insider’s Guide [above].

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