Episode 43: Replay and Spectator Modes


You’ve just had a titanic ding-dong battle in a race and you want to view the replay? Or do you simply want to watch a session’s Multiplayer action unfold live? Whatever your need, Yorkie065 has you covered in this week’s episode of the Insider’s Guide to Project CARS 2.

Replay Modes

At the end of each race on the results screen, you will be presented with the option to either View the replay in Single-player, or Save the replay if you’re in Multiplayer.

You will also be able to save the replay inside the replay mode when playing in Single-player. Any replays that you do save will be viewable from either the end of that Single-player race, or from the ‘My Profile > Videos’ section on the main menu.

Once inside the Replay mode, you will be presented with a wealth of information along with a host of replay controls.

On the left-hand side. you will have the ‘Leaderboard Panel’. Here you will find information such as the driver’s overall race position, three letter ID tag, car class, class position, previous lap time, and gap to the overall leader.

On top of this, there are a few extra icons and indicators that provide additional information such as the eye icon, which highlights the driver currently being observed in the replay, a pit icon on the far right to indicate that a player is in the pit lane, an exclamation mark icon to indicate that the driver is close to the car in front and fighting for position, and finally, any drivers with a red position highlight indicates that the driver has received a penalty.

At the top of the screen you have the ‘Overview Window’ which displays the current lap out of the total number of laps, or alternatively, if it is a timed race or a practice or qualifying session, the amount of time remaining, the name of the player you’re currently watching, their position and car class, the name of the driver in the position ahead along with the gap between the two, and also the driver behind along with the gap between them and your observed driver.

Down at the bottom of the screen is the main ‘Replay Control’ panel, where you control the functionality of the replay. Here, you will be able to Play, Pause, Fast Forward or Rewind (at x2, x4 and x5 speeds), Slow-Motion Forward, or Slow-Motion Rewind (at x0.75, x0.5 and x0.25 speeds), and also jump back to the beginning of the replay.

The progress of the replay will be displayed showing the current time in the replay and the total replay length, as well as how far you have progressed through the replay which is indicated by a visual bar filling up, the speed you’re currently viewing the replay at, and to the right of that, an option to ‘Save The Replay’ (when in Single-player) as well as an option to access the game’s ‘Photo Mode’.

In the next row of the ‘Replay Control’ panel you have the various camera views you can switch between. This is split into two sections: Locked Views (with Cockpit, Chase, Roof, Bonnet, and Bumper cameras) which the replay will remain in until another camera is selected: and Rotating Views (with Onboard, Trackside, and All Cameras). The Onboard Rotating cameras will cycle between the various onboard cameras every 10 seconds in a random order, while the Trackside cameras are your traditional replay cameras viewed from the side of the track giving great views of the racing action, and finally, the All Cameras option will randomly switch back and forth between the Onboard rotating cameras and the Trackside cameras.

If you are viewing the replay in VR, you also have the additional option of using the VR cameras, accessed by selecting ‘Trackside’ camera option which will place you at fixed predetermined spots around the track’s perimeter as if you are standing there as a spectator in the grandstands and viewing areas of the circuit. From here, you can look around the environment and ‘jump’ between cameras using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ on the Numpad (default controls which can be altered).

When viewing a ‘Replay’ from the Pause Menu, you will only be able to view the last two minutes of the current session you are in. Here you have the same functionality as the full replay system that allow you to watch that last two-minute segment. This is only available in Single-player though, as there is no option to view the replay when racing or driving in Multiplayer.

Monitor Modes

The Monitor Mode is very similar to the replay except that it is used for viewing a session live, whether it is in Single- or Multiplayer game modes, and therefore doesn’t allow playback control functionality of the Replay Mode.

The ‘Leaderboard Panel’’s Overview Window will still be present with the same information and functionality as the Replay mode. You will also have access to the same camera controls as the replay mode, along with a couple of additional options that will allow you to view more detailed Timings and also a Speedometer display.

To access the Monitor Modes, you will need to be in the pit box of the session that you’re in, whether that is in the Pit Box Menu during a Practice or Qualifying session, or if you have retired from a Multiplayer race and have entered the Spectator menu from there.

Time Trial Replay

One final Replay mode that not many players are aware of is the ability to watch a player’s lap in Time Trial. Here, the functionality is very limited to simply watching a player’s lap without playback functionality or details such as the Speedometer, but you can switch between the cameras and ride onboard the player’s lap to get an idea of their lines and rough braking points to help you find potential time to improve your own lap.

To access and view a player’s lap in Time Trial, you will first need to add a player as a ghost. Once that’s done, enter the Time Trial session and, when you’re on the Pre-Race screen before you hit the track, you can select the player’s name on the right-hand side to enter and begin the Time Trial Replay.

If you have loaded up multiple ghosts, you will be able to flick between the various ghosts to view their laps but note that all ghosts you have loaded will play at the same time.

Now it’s time to watch as Yorkie065 shows you how to go back in time to relive your greatest moments in Project CARS 2.

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