Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 44 Director & Broadcast Modes


Are you looking to step into the world of race commentary and live streaming races, but unsure how to go about it? Yorkie065 has you covered for this week’s episode of the Insider’s Guide series as he takes a look at the Director and Broadcaster modes in Project CARS 2.

The Director and Broadcaster modes are, at their core, enhanced spectator modes, exclusive to Multiplayer, which are designed to work in unison to provide a platform for esports and professional streams or recordings of races from a spectator’s point of view.

The Director mode is designed to do exactly as the name suggests—direct who is being watched, using what cameras and which UI elements are displayed on the screen for the Broadcaster. The Broadcaster mode, meanwhile, is designed to live stream from their end enabling viewers to watch the action while the Broadcaster is free to commentate on the racing action free from camera and UI controls, as well as unwanted screen clutter.

The Director, then, is clearly the main primary element and is mandatory if there is to be a Broadcaster. You can, however, have a Director without a Broadcaster, but any recording or live stream they do from their perspective will have the controls present on the screen.

Assigning a Director or Broadcaster is done from the Multiplayer lobby before the first session is launched, where the host will need to select the appropriate player to assign to either of the two roles. The chosen player will then receive an invite, and accepting the invite will assign the player the role that the host had selected for them.

The host also has the additional option of Enabling the Broadcast function from the Host Settings when setting up the lobby. Doing so will allow for an extra two additional slots over the standard lobby size limits (16 on console, 32 on PC) to allow for a total of 18 players on console and 34 on PC—designed to make sure the Director and Broadcaster don’t take away from the maximum number of drivers.

(Note: Enabling these slots and not filling the Director or Broadcaster slot does not allow for two extra drivers. They are specifically reserved for the Director or Broadcaster role.)

When players are assigned to either of the two roles, they will go straight into those modes upon the launch of the lobby into the first session. If the Director or Broadcaster leaves the session or disconnects, they can re-join the lobby and will keep their assigned role, allowing them to resume Directing or Broadcasting upon their lobby re-join.

The Director has a wealth of information and options to enable or disable. This mode uses the same Standings / Leaderboard panel, Overview, Speedo, Track Map, Timings and Camera controls found in the Replay and Monitor modes (covered in the previous episode found here). However, the functionality of enabling and disabling them is a little different:

  • Standings / Leaderboard: Enabling and disabling this UI element does so for both the Director and Broadcaster
  • Overview: Enabling and disabling this UI element does so for both the Director and Broadcaster
  • Speedo: Enabling and disabling this UI element does so for both the Director and Broadcaster
  • Track Map: Enabling and disabling this UI element does so for both the Director and Broadcaster
  • Timings: Enabling and disabling this UI element does so for both the Director and Broadcaster
  • Camera Control: The Director can choose which camera type to view the action from, which will also affect, and simultaneously be used by, the Broadcaster

The new option that is exclusive to the Director and Broadcaster modes is ‘Splits’. This is a bar that will appear at the bottom of the Broadcaster’s screen and includes Driver Names, Positions, Car Class, and gap to the leader. The Broadcaster is able to scroll along the Splits panel, back and forth, to view the list of drivers and their info. The Director cannot see the ‘Splits’ board when it is enabled.

The Broadcaster, then, is very much at the control of the Director: with the Director in charge of the action being shown, the Broadcaster becomes the perfect candidate for live streaming and recording as the Director will be privy to all the action points and battles around the track, and the Broadcaster can just focus on bringing their best commentary.

The Director has all the information, as well as the controls, to select who is being watched, what UI is displayed for the live stream, and what camera views will show off the racing action from the best angles.

In tandem, the Director and Broadcaster modes are very powerful tools for anyone creating a professional live stream or recording. Yorkie065 demonstrates just how powerful it can be, with this week’s Insider’s Guide episode for Project CARS 2.

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