Insiders Guide Episode 50 Thumb


The Insider’s Guide to Project CARS 2 series was set out to provide a library of tutorials, guides, and general hints and tips to help players improve their understanding of the various features and systems in the game while also improving their own racecraft and driving technique.

So far, Yorkie065 has been the main driving force for knowledge and information, but this time round, for the conclusion of the series, we’d like you to provide your hints, tips and knowledge for the rest of the community to enjoy.

This can be anything from tips on driving technique, tuning setups, controller or FFB settings, game features, your favourite car and track combos, or just shouting-out any leagues or communities that you race with and wish to promote to get more like-minded drivers into racing and enjoying the game.

Provide your tips and shout-outs in the comments section of the video as @Yorkie065 signs out after 50 weeks of the Insider’s Guide. Thanks to all who have watched and helped create this series, and keep racing!

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