Your Competitive Racing License can be found on the Driver Network Profile via the My Profile tab on Race Central, and is broken down into a number of sections to form an overall Online Ranking. You have:

– Safety Grade: Which represents how safe you are as a driver.
– Strength Rating: Which represents how successful you are.
– Coloured Rank: Which represents how many online ranked races you have completed.
– Player Privileges: Which determines which Community and Esports events you can enter based on your Safety Grade and Strength Rating.

Your Safety Grade is represented by the letter that accompanies your Strength Rating, which is indicated by numbers. You will first start off in Grade U, and will be able to progress up through F, E, D, C, B, A and S grades. Driving clean by not going off track or hitting other players or objects, and exposing yourself to risk by driving in close proximity to other drivers will increase your Safety Grade. Driving dirty however, by making contact with other drivers, colliding with trackside objects, going off track and exceeding track limits, and spinning or losing control of the car will cause your Safety Grade to fall, and yes you can drop back down to U grade after leaving it. All sessions, and even the Manual Cooldown Lap count towards your Safety Grade. Your progress to your next grade is shown as a Percentage bar on your Competitive Racing License.

Your Strength Rating is indicated by the numbers after your Safety Grade, and works like an elo system. You first start off at a rating of 1500, with a minimum you can fall to of 100, and a maximum rating you can reach of 5000. You will only be compared against drivers in the lobby who are within 400 points above and below your own rating, and the system will calculate an expected finishing position. Finishing above this will see you gain Strength Rating, where-as finishing below will see you lose Strength Rating. There are bonuses and multipliers with this, where more points are gained or lost in relation to the difference between your Strength Rating and others, for instance beating an opponent with a higher Strength Rating will gain you more points than beating an opponent with a lower Strength Rating. In the case of disconnecting or quitting a race, the amount of points you lose will be determined by your race position, and the amount of the race completed at the point of exiting the lobby.

Your Coloured Rank indicates how many races you have completed in ranked lobbies, with Rookie (Blue Stripe) = 0-50 races, Amateur (Bronze stripe) = 51-100 races, Semi-Pro (Silver stripe) = 101-200 races, Pro (Gold stripe) = 201-350 races and Veteran (multi-coloured stripe) = 351+ races. These ranks also have an effect on your Strength Rating bonuses and Multipliers.

Finally when racing online in lobbies, you will be able to set a Minimum Required Competitive License level that players will need to meet in order to join your lobby. This can only be set as high as your own Safety Grade and Strength Rating. When searching for lobbies in the Lobby Browser, you will be able to see which lobbies are unranked, indicated by the icon with the text ‘OFF’ in the ‘Min. License’ column, and which are ranked, indicated by minimum required license level.

Any ranked lobbies that you meet the required minimum level for, will be marked with a green Safety Grade and Strength Rating, and you will be able to freely join those lobbies. Any marked red, are lobbies that you don’t meet the minimum required level to enter, and therefore will not be able to join that lobby.

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