Hardware Compatibility

Project CARS 3 fully supports the very latest new technologies and hardware.

Whether that’s immersive 3D virtual reality for PC using Oculus Rift or Steam VR, the beauty and clarity of 4K and even 12K visuals, utilizing the raw power of latest graphics cards, or putting control in your hands via the latest steering wheels and peripherals, Project CARS 3 has you covered.

If you’re using a wheel-and-pedal set, or any other device on your PS4, Xbox One, or PC, and you’d like to check for compatibility, please take a look below to see if your device is amongst those that are compatible with Project CARS 3.

If your device is not listed and/or you are experiencing issues getting it to work with Project CARS 3, please visit our Support page.


Logitech logo
  • G25 (PC)
  • G27 (PC)
  • G29 (PC, PlayStation)
  • G920 (PC, Xbox)
  • Driving Force (PC)
  • Driving Force Pro (PC)
  • Driving Force GT (PC)
  • MOMO Force (PC)
  • MOMO Racing (PC)
Fanatec logo
  • CSR + Pedals (PC)
  • CSR Elite + Pedals (PC)
  • CSW (PC)
  • CSW V2 (PC)
  • CSW V2 Base (Xbox)
  • CSW V2.5 Base (Xbox)
  • CSL Elite Base (Xbox)
  • CSLE (Xbox)
  • CSLE PS4 (PlayStation)
  • CSL Elite (PC)
  • CSL Elite PS4 (PC, PlayStation)
  • CSW V2.5 (PC)
  • Podium Racing Wheel (PC)
  • Porsche 911 Turbo (PC)
  • Porsche Turbo GT2 Turbo (PC)
  • Porsche Turbo GT3RS (PC)
  • Porsche Turbo GT3RS V2 (PC)
  • Porsche Turbo PWC (PC)
  • Porsche Turbo PWC4 (PC)
Thurstmaster logo
  • RTG Force Feedback Clutch (PC)
  • Ferrari GT Experience (PC)
  • Ferrari F430 Force Feedback (PC)
  • Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500 (PC)
  • T500RS (PC, PlayStation)
  • T300RS (PC, PlayStation)
  • Ferrari F1 Wheel Advance T300 (PC)
  • Ferrari F458 Force Feedback (PC)
  • T150 (PC, PlayStation)
  • TMX (PC, Xbox)
  • TS-XW (PC, Xbox)
  • TS-PC Racer (PC)
  • T-GT (PC, PlayStation)

Hori logo
  • RWA (PC, PlayStation)


Oculus Logo
Steam VR logo