Make a Name on Divisional Leaderboards
  • All-new Rivals Mode: your new home for challenges and community events
  • Compete on leaderboards for XP and bragging rights in daily, weekly, and monthly challenges
  • Climb through the Rivals Divisions and become a racing legend
Community Challenges
Fun New Multiplayer Modes
  • Breakout
  • Pace Setter (3-lap time-trial)
  • Scheduled Events (official races with car and track combinations set by SMS)
Skilled-based Matchmaking
Race Perfectly Matched Opponents
  • Online matchmaking with players with similar pace and safety ranking
  • Online racing is as simple as: register for the race, set qualifying laps, race
  • Once registered, you’ll be notified when race is about to start
  • More user-friendly spectator mode with simplified camera options, overlays, and more
  • Competitive Racing License system fully revamped
  • Authentic penalty system and revised track limits across all circuits