Driving Seat #2

This week we look at: The first expansion pack for Project CARS 3, Formula E champs DS Techeetah’s exciting giveaway, and we share the love of the Porsche 917 with Alexander Schulz.

The Legends Pack Is Incoming

The first expansion pack for Project CARS 3, the Legends Pack, is less than a week away. It comes with three legendary Japanese cars from the 1990s (including full race conversion kits) and dozens of customization options. The Legends Pack also comes with a free circuit for all Project CARS 3 drivers.

What cars, you ask? Well, you’ll need to wait for the Pack to drop but—since you’ve taken the time to read this, here’s a hint…

Back in 1989, on a cold day in February, a Brazilian legend turned up at Suzuka for winter testing and, while there, was asked to test-drive an in-development road car. After a couple of hours pushing it to the limit, he returned with some feedback.

“I’m not sure I can really give you appropriate advice on a mass-production car,” he said with his usual reserve, “but I feel it’s a little fragile.”

The engineers, stunned, went back to work, and suggested they reconvene with the driver at the Nürburgring in the spring. Which is when the Brazilian driver spent many hours testing and helping develop the feel and handling of this car. When it was all said and done, it became, without any hyperbole, Japan’s greatest-ever supercar.

Know what it is yet? Let us know in the comments…

DS Techeetah in Project CARS 3 Giveaway

DS Techeetah, one of the most successful teams in Formula E history, have a giveaway contest beginning tomorrow that you won’t want to miss. While we can’t giveaway any details, we can definitely suggest you keep your eyes on their social media channels. 

The DS TeCheetah Formula E Team that joined the Formula E series in 2016 quickly stamped their mark on the electric racing series. They’ve accrued a host of records in the series: The most pole positions in a row; the only team to have ever won both the drivers’ and teams’ championships before the final race of the season; the largest margin of victory in the overall team standings (and a handful more records to boot). Add that to two consecutive championships wins (2018-19 and 2019-20) with Frenchman Jean-Éric Vergne and Portuguese António Félix da Costa (both currently at the wheel of their DS E-TENSE FE20), and what you have is a dynamic young team whose collaboration with Slightly Mad Studios opens the cockpit for you to experience the second generation Formula E cars like never before—including all official team liveries.

Image by: Alexander Schulz

Porsche 917: Love at First Sight

Alexander Schulz, a 27-year-old from Germany who spends his days working on transformer stations, fell in love with the Porsche 917 back when he was kid playing a racing game. “Specifically, the short-tailed version without the additional wing in the middle only.” 

So what was the attraction?

“When I look at the car nowadays, it’s just … I like the overall shape when looking at it from the side, I like how the car remains flat, front to back, I like the small ‘lips’ at the rear. And above all, the car’s rear just looks incredibly beasty. The lower part has got only the chassis and the exhaust, with those enormously wide tires on the sides.”

Sounds like true love indeed—true love that was reignited when he found the Porsche 917 in Project CARS 3. Even better was when he discovered even more legends from that special period in motoring history in-game as well. “Cars like the Ferrari 330 P4 or the Ford GT40 Mk.IV are all so beautiful.”

Not surprisingly, his favourite car in Project CARS 3 is, “The Porsche 917K, and my favourite track is a tie between California Highway (I love scenic tracks) and Rouen les Essarts.”

California Highway

So what is it about the classic race cars that make such an impression? “Hard to say, really. It’s just the way they look, they’re just so … ‘raw’? No spoilers, no canards, just the body shape itself.”

The Porsche 917 versus Ford Mk.IV versus the Ferrari P30 … now there’s a race to have online in Project CARS 3. Alexander himself has become famous online for his Porsche 917 pictography—we asked him which were his two best. He sent us these.

Image by: Alexander Schulz

And that’s it for the Driving Seat Blog number 2. Don’t forget to join the Rivals Challenge this week, and we’ll see you on November 12th.