Driving Seat Blog #6

Lake Valley Speedway in Project CARS 3

This week’s blog features the upcoming free track preview, and…oh yes—that news!

Welcome back! Or at least, we’re back—hopefully you’ve been there this whole-time racing Project CARS! We’ve been out for a while due to a few…things…happening in the background. (In case you missed it while recovering from an online smash-fest, here’s that news.)

What does this mean for the Project CARS franchise? Exciting things! But this isn’t the time to get into that—instead, let’s look at the more immediate future. Next week, actually, and what’s landing with the Project CARS 3 DLC 3.

Cometh the Hour Cometh the Power

Next week sees the release of the third DLC for Project CARS 3. Along with an exciting all-Japanese line up of cars (four of them, plus racing kit variants, including a world-first a one-off prototype that is going to knock your socks off!), we’ve also got a free track in-coming your way.

Lake Valley Speedway in Project CARS 3

This is the Lake Valley Speedway from Utah, out in the US. It comes with four layouts, and the night racing here is spectacular. As is the figure of eight and high-banked ovals. Get ready for some seriously close-pack stadium-based racing adrenaline!

The Hour Cometh in a … Jiffy?

We’ve prepared a library of GIFs that are now available for you to use wherever you see fit on the WWW. To get them, just head off to the official Project CARS account on Giphy and grab a share-link, or simply download the GIF itself.

These GIFs are also available on social media platforms and are available by simply typing “Project CARS” or “Slightly Mad Studios” in the search bar when using the GIF feature. Go wild, share them with your friends and communities, and keep an eye out for when new ones become available.

And that’s a wrap for this week. As you can imagine, things are busy here with Project CARS 3, finalizing Update 4 (that will go live with the DLC), and planning for the future. Exciting times for the franchise.

Come hang out with the rest of the community on our Discord server and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the Project CARS website.

Keep racing and see you on the other side.