Driving Seat #3

Craig “Torque” Whitaker talks us through being a pro’ games photographer, the Project CARS 3 Add-on Packs get names and dates, and look out for Black Friday specials at your local retailer…

Project CARS 3 Pricing

Check with your local retailer for new prices for Project CARS 3, and don’t forget to keep an eye open for special deals and prices coming for Black Friday.

Project CARS 3 Expansion Packs

In case you missed it, the first add-on pack for Project CARS 3 was released last week and it came with a free track (Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit) as well as a trailer.

Looking ahead, three more add-on packs will be coming for Project CARS 3, starting with the “Style Pack” in December, and followed by the “Power Pack” and “Electric Pack”, both scheduled for 2021. Each pack will come with a great combo’ of new cars and tons of additional customisation options, and will also release alongside a track for each pack, available free for all Project CARS 3 racers.

Pro’ Gaming Photography—Yes, it’s a Thing

Craig “Torque” Whitaker (Torque99uk) from the UK has been a passionate games photographer since the days of the PS3. He’s earned quite a reputation since appearing in a 2-page spread in the official PlayStation Magazine in 2017.

Luckily for the racing community, Craig’s also a big motorsport fan, both in real-life and in games like Project CARS 3. We asked him about his real-world photography.

“I used to go to a few smaller local tracks for car shows and so on when I was younger,” Craig says, “but over the years I ended up going mostly to Goodwood (Chichester), Brands Hatch (Kent), and Silverstone (Northampton) as they are all only an hour or so from me. We’re very lucky here in England that so many racetracks are on our doorstep.”

Taking game photos, meanwhile, sounds like an interesting hobby—but is there actually a professional market for games photography?

“Good question, and one that gets asked a lot in the game photography community. There have been a few professional game photographers that now capture and work for developers in the last few years,” Craig says. “If the developer likes your portfolio of captures, there could be new opportunities. Especially for marketing the games and for their ever-growing social media presence.”

Craig tells us that not only do these games photographers sell their work to developers but they’re also key in helping developers understand how to create photo modes in-game.

“Many essential features are often missed out in photo modes,” Craig says, “and that limits the kind of captures we can get, so consultation or advice can work both ways.”

We asked him for his two favourite Project CARS 3 shots.

“Very difficult to choose just two from so many over the years! I chose these two because I feel Project CARS 3’s latest photo mode is the best yet, and the fantastic smoke effects and better textures on the cars makes for some great captures.”

Torque's Favourite Screenshot 1
Image by Craig “Torque” Whitaker – @torque99uk
Torque's Favourite Screenshot 2
Image by Craig “Torque” Whitaker – @torque99uk

Craig has been a fan of Slightly Mad Studios for quite some time, “Since NFS Shift series and the helmet cam!” he says. “At the time, there was nothing like it, and it was so immersive. I also really like the realism style of your game engine with dynamic weather and the detail of the lighting. Your photo modes are easy to use and have a great range of settings and, most importantly, a good shutter speed.”

What does the process of capturing these images look like for him?

“I have a passion for motorsport and cars,” says Craig, “and having taken photos for so long now, I really like a challenge, and I try and capture a photo from any random situation or track if the tools are there in photo mode. Replays help me by watching the cars’ movements and I’m glad you implemented instant photo mode in replay.”

So does he have any tips on how to take the best images in Project CARS 3?

“I think the best advice I can give is just take your time, get the best field of view, use depth of field where required and then apply the usual composition rules used in photography. Watch for opportunities while racing and pause when you see them and get familiar with all the settings on the photo mode including filters. If you think you missed some, try and save the replay to go back to later. And always use the shutter speed settings where available: experiment with the different angles and pan around the car to get a feel for the speed needed. This will vary if you are breaking at a slower speed or at full speed on a straight for example.” Do you have epic photos from Project CARS 3? Get in touch with us on social, we’d love to post them on our channels. Happy racing!

See more of Craig’s work at https://twitter.com/torque99uk.

Do you have epic photos from Project CARS 3? Get in touch with us on social, we’d love to post them on our channels. Happy racing!