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JSR John on how to setup for Project CARS 3, the Accolades trailer goes live, TIGA Awards winner

Project CARS 3, Winner of the 2020 Tiga Games Industry Awards

TIGA Awards: Project CARS 3 wins Best Racing Game of 2020

On 24 November 2020, TIGA, the trade association representing the video games industry, held the first day of the virtual TIGA Games Industry Awards 2020, and it wasn’t long before Project CARS 3 was announced as the Best Racing Game of 2020.

Setting up for Project CARS 3 with JSR John

John O’Grady (JSR John) from Kent in the UK has created some fabulous setup guide videos on his YouTube channel, and he was kind enough to give us some insights into how to best tune your rides in Project CARS 3.

How long have you been creating YouTube videos?

—I’ve casually posted the odd video for a few years, but 2020 is my first year of creating tailored content and guides for others. Enjoying it so far!

Your setup knowledge is really on point—any real-life experience, or are you a sim-racer?

—Embarrassment inbound—I don’t even have a car! My knowledge on tuning setups has come exclusively through testing cars in racing games, reading, and competing in sim racing events.

Q: When you begin setting up a car, what’s your first go-to tune?

—If all tuning parts are available, I will often begin with tyre pressure, brakes, aerodynamics, and differentials. The main benefit here is that, by covering the simpler areas to make the car feel as stable as possible, a lot of time can be saved when trying to diagnose a car’s behaviour through the more complex setup tools like springs, anti-roll bars, and dampers.

What’s your favourite car and Track in Project CARS 3?

—I’m yet to try every car/track combination, but I particularly enjoy the Group 5 cars in Project CARS 3. Any of them around Indianapolis is fun, guaranteed!

Most difficult car to setup in Project CARS 3?

—Hypercars can be very difficult to perfect a setup on as, although they naturally benefit from great aerodynamic and mechanical grip, they can bleed a lot of power through wheelspin in slow corners. Lots of trial and error to find the right balance between understeer and oversteer at its limit.

Most difficult track to set up for in Project CARS 3?

—Nürburgring (Full Nordschleife) is the most difficult in a unique way—hundreds of corners exist for a driver to test grip on, yet very few of the corners feel the same. This makes analysing a car even just through one lap almost impossible to do consistently. I recommend tuning a car setup on a smaller, all-rounder track first before testing at Nordschleife, otherwise it can be a nightmare to lap again and again (they don’t call it “The Green Hell” for nothing!).

Any tips for beginners?

—The greatest tip I can ever give to players eager to become better tuners is to first invest time in driving a car in its bone-stock form before tinkering with a setup. If you don’t take time to learn what weird quirks a car naturally has (and these differ between FWD, RWD, and AWD), you will eventually waste more time in failing to diagnose the car and keep making setup changes that don’t solve the problems of the car (or your driving style). Learn its shortcomings by driving it at the limit first, then break your setup testing down into areas, and test one thing at a time. The time on perfecting setups is just like they say on track: slow in, fast out.

Accolades Trailer

Project CARS 3’s accolades trailer went live last week. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a copy, check with your local retailer for Black Friday special deals on Project CARS 3.

We wish all our American drivers a blessed Thanksgiving and we’ll see you on the other side of the driving seat!