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The most intense and authentic racing experience returns Late 2017 when Project CARS 2 is released on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC


Created by gamers and tested by a team of world-class racing drivers—including two-time Le Mans winner Tommy Milner, Audi factory driver René Rast, stunt driver Ben Collins (Skyfall, Doctor Strange), and Rallycross and sim racing champion Mitchell DeJong—Project CARS 2 is the absolute choice for the world’s leading Esports drivers and teams that delivers the full spectrum of accessible motorsport to all levels of racer.

Complete freedom to choose what and where to drive means racing thrills as and how you want—anytime, anywhere.

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Following the critical acclaim and success of Project CARS—one of the highest-rated racing games of its generation with over two million copies sold—Project CARS 2 shifts the franchise into overdrive with an overload of new and improved features, enhanced accessibility, and gameplay.

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With the largest track roster ever seen on console—over 60 tracks, including a dozen newly scanned—a comprehensive selection of more than 170 licensed cars including iconic models from many of the world’s most prestigious brands, and support for VR and 12K, Project CARS 2 delivers the passion of motorsport.

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With a brand-new, fan-requested Online Championships game mode that allows racers to make and join ongoing racing leagues, Esports functionality built-in from day one (including Competitive Racing License accreditation), Director/Broadcaster integration and streaming, and with a collection of new motorsport classes including Rallycross and IndyCar joining popular classics such as GT3 and LMP1, Project CARS 2 delivers the authentic racing experience.

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With every surface—tarmac, mud, gravel, dirt, ice, and more—utilizing LiveTrack 3.0 that features dynamic time of day, seasonal changes, altering atmospheric conditions, and the organic evolution over the course of a race weekend, Project CARS 2 delivers the complete thrill of competition.

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Fight against Mother Nature with dynamic weather that now includes snow, take on the challenge of ice-based tracks such as the Mercedes Benz Winter Training Track in Sweden, get sideways on dirt tracks with frenzied Rallycross action, or slide behind the wheel of hyper-exclusive hypercars—whatever your rush, Project CARS 2 will take you there with the precision, authenticity, and craftsmanship that can come only from a team that has been defining the racing genre for over a decade.

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“We’re excited by the significant advances we’ve made in the physics and mechanical underpinnings of each of our 170-plus cars. That, along with a vastly enriched climate and weather simulation system on all 60-plus tracks, and new simulated surfaces—dirt, ice, snow, and mud—makes Project CARS 2 by far the most authentic and immersive racing sim we’ve ever created,” said Stephen Viljoen, Game Director – Project CARS 2.

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With a revamped gamepad system, holistic blend between the elements, the surface, and the cars, new and classic tracks featuring dirt, snow, mud, and ice, industry-leading VR, a host of fan-suggested additions, Esports-focus across the board, and a whole new level of accessibility for racers of all levels, Project CARS 2 is the most advanced racing game on the planet.

Prepare for the ultimate driver journey when Project CARS 2 is released in the fall of 2017 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC

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