Project CARS 2 fans looking for something even more exceptional from the world’s most technically-advanced and beautiful racing game can now choose between two bonus-packed editions for their digital pre-orders—the Standard edition, and the Deluxe edition, this in addition to the physical pre-orders announced May 9.

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Each of the two digital pre-order Editionscomes with its own exclusive benefits, and each has been painstakingly assembled to reflect the beauty and the adrenaline of motorsports that is the soul of Project CARS.

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• STANDARD EDITION: Includes the full game, and adds the the exclusive Japanese Cars Pack that features 4 cars from iconic Japanese manufacturers Honda and Nissan—the fastest hot hatch to have ever lapped the Nordschleife, the Honda Euro Spec Civic Type-R; the thrill-a-second Honda Project 2&4 with its stratospheric redline at 14,000rpm; the original, the one-and-only “Godzilla”, the Skyline GT-R (R32) Group A; and the fire-breathing, brutal twin-turbo V8 Nissan 280ZX IMSA GTX.

• DELUXE EDITION: Includes the full game, the Japanese Cars Pack, plus the Season Pass (that includes all 4 additional contents that will enhance and extend the overall Project CARS 2 experience after release), as well as the Motorsport Pack that includes 4 enthralling racing cars curated from 40 years of motoring history: the 1974 E-Type V12, Group 44—beauty, speed, and a true motorsport legend; the Panoz Esperante GTR-1—a ’90s GT stalwart; Audi’s 1991 V8 DTM—a DTM legend with 460hp @ 9,500RPM; and Opel’s latest, 2016’s Astra TCR—a 300hp Touring Car monster.

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