For the 25th Anniversary of the Ferrari Challenge series, Ferrari unveiled their first-ever turbocharged V8 for the all-Ferrari one-marque series. So how good is it? Download Update 5 and you’ll find out for yourself …

Project CARS 2 Ferrari 488 Challenge 1A mid-engined, twin-turbocharged, direct injected 3.9-litre V8 good for 670hp, Flavio Manzoni (and Ferrari Styling Centre) designed Ferrari, exceptionally tuned for motor racing.

Do you need anything more to get the goosebumps rising?

Project CARS 2 Ferrari 488 Challenge 2

The Ferrari 488 Challenge was a piece of automotive history the very day it was rolled out of the factory; this was the first Ferrari road car to feature a turbocharged engine since the Ferrari F40 in 1987 (you can also find it in Project CARS 2).

Indeed, Maranello’s decision to replace the naturally-aspirated F136 engines with the all-new F154 turbo units raised a few eyebrows from the tifosi and the automotive press back in 2013.

Project CARS 2 Ferrari 488 Challenge 3

Before they tested it, that is. And before the new engine was awarded seven International Engine of the Year awards.

The unit that powers the 488 Challenge is the most powerful engine ever used in the Ferrari Challenge Series, and it comes enshrined in a gorgeous-looking Ferrari that has been finely-tuned for enhanced racing performance.

Project CARS 2 Ferrari 488 Challenge 4

Boasting closer-spaced gear ratios and race-tuned engine mapping, the V8 pushes out what Ferrari claim is an 11.6 percent “increase in acceleration out of turns compared to the naturally-aspirated 458 Challenge EVO”.

If that sounds quick, how does 0-100 in less than three seconds, and 0 to top RPM in fourth gear in six seconds sound? That all converts to a lap time around Ferrari’s test-track at Fiorano a clear second quicker than its predecessor, the 458 Challenge Evo.

Project CARS 2 Ferrari 488 Challenge 5

Power without control? Definitely not: the 488 Challenge is the first car in Ferrari’s one-marque series to come with Maranello’s very own “Slip Angle Control” software that improves longitudinal acceleration through bends by 4.2 percent. That is all worked through two separate TC functions―TC1 (which helps retain traction based on grip) and TC2 (which the drivers can manipulate to decide how much the car will intervene when it gets into a slide―or, in other words, how sideways you want it to get).

The aero of the 488 Challenge has also been seriously optimized for racing; the front reworked in order to reduce drag, with the bumper in particular coming in for an extensive redesign to increase front downforce, as well as help balance the rear-end.

Project CARS 2 Ferrari 488 Challenge 6

And there, at the back, is where you’ll find an absolutely massive rear wing that will remind you of the 488 GTE (already in Project CARS 2), which is no bad thing given the 488 GTE was 2016’s World Endurance Championship winner.

The Ferrari 488 Challenge comes to Project CARS 2 with 24 liveries from the European series, 17 from Asian/Pacific series, and 22 from the North American series.

It also comes looking for heroes. Get yours with Update 5 for Project CARS 2.


Check below for the Update 5 changelog:


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