Jan Frischkorn, Art Manager Vehicles at Slightly Mad Studios, takes a look at why the Spirit of Le Mans Pack was created for Project CARS 2.

The “Spirit of Le Mans” Pack is an exciting release for all of us at the studio. The world’s greatest 24-Hour race is the climax of the motorsport year and coming to our latest DLC are the cars that gave us―in my opinion, anyway―the two very best eras of Le Mans racing: the Ferrari 512 M, and the Porsche 919 Hybrid.

Ferrari 512S Le Mans 1970 Historic Prototype Project CARS 2 DLCThe two seasons of racing between 1970 and ’71 are, for me, the highwater mark of global endurance racing: a time when Ferrari and Porsche did battle with super-quick cars on a track that, in their wake, was forever altered: a furious, dangerous time captured in all its beauty, passion, and speed by the cult Hollywood movie “Le Mans” starring Steve McQueen. That era is stunningly captured by the Ferrari 512 M that comes with the Pack.

Project Cars 2 Spirit of Le Mans DLC Pack Ferrari512S

That classic Le Mans track (faithfully recreated for the Pack) played host to two intense races between the screaming Ferrari V12 512s and the low-grunt flat-12 Porsche 917s (the LH―long back―also comes to the Pack) that would go toe-to-toe in the World Championship of Makes in on-track battles that defined an entire era of sportscar racing with a sound and beauty that, for me, has never been replicated nor bettered.

Porsche917 LH LeMans 1970 Historic Prototype Project CARS 2 DLC

A time that became known as the “Battle of the Titans”.
The thrill of a game like Project CARS 2 is that you can replicate that era as never before―night-and-day, all-weather (the 1970 race was run in repulsive conditions ―of the 51 starters, only 7 would be classified at the end of a 24 brutal hours), and on that very track without the chicanes which saw these cars hit speeds of over 360kmh.

Can you bring that illusive win back to Maranello?

Porsche917 LH LeMans 1970 Historic Prototype Project CARS 2 DLC 2

It would only be in 2016 that, for me, Le Mans came close to replicating the drama from 1970/’71. With millions spent on state-of-the-art hybrids on the absolute cutting edge of technology, Audi, Porsche, and Toyota came to Le Mans with serious intent: Toyota (TS 050) desperate to finally break their jinx after finishing runners-up on no less than five occasions; Porsche looking to deliver back-to-back wins with their 919 Hybrid; and Audi (R18), looking to cement their Le Mans pedigree.

Toyota TS050 Hybrid Le Mans LMP1 Project CARS 2 DLC

All three of these LMP1s come to the Pack.

Porsche 919 Hybrid Le Mans LMP1 Project CARS 2 DLCThe 900-plus-hp Porsche 919 Hybrid seemed to be the class of the field when it sailed off into the lead through the night. But as often happens at Le Mans, with the dawn came the drama as Toyota’s Anthony Davidson swept around the lead Porsche at 11am down the Mulsanne.

Audi R18 etron quattro Le Mans LMP1 Project CARS 2 DLC

The Toyota was flying and with less than five minutes left, the Toyota had extended its lead to just over a minute, on its way to a sure win …

And then, in one lap, the chasing Porsche slashed the gap to just over 30 seconds.

At 2.57pm … with 180 seconds left of the 24-hour race―the lead Toyota burst onto the front-straight to begin its final lap.

And that’s when it hiccupped and coughed to a halt.

Toyota TS050 Hybrid Le Mans LMP1 Project CARS 2 DLCAround the track, a quarter of a million fans went silent. And around the world, TV viewers watched astonished as the Toyota team stood in abject, disbelieving silence scarcely believing what had just happened.

Somehow, Porsche won the greatest endurance race of them all in what was undoubtedly the most unbelievable finish in Le Mans history.


For 2018, the three manufacturers have been whittled away to one―Toyota―as Porsche and Audi head to new frontiers. The form book suggests Toyota will never have a better opportunity for a Le Mans win … and yet …

Project CARS 2 Spirit Of Le Mans Pack DLC large


The Project CARS 2 Season Pass offers all four DLCs plus the Motorsport Bonus Pack, all at a discounted price.

The Spirit of Le Mans Pack is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and (PC Steam).

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