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Success in motorsport is all about planning. Use your weekend wisely, and you’ll come to the grid on Sunday afternoon with a well-handling car and a well-honed strategy for success, your pit stop strategy planned, the right tyre compounds on your car, and enough fuel to get to the finish line and no more.

In Project CARS 2, you have two linked management systems that will give you the ability to plan out your race. The first—the pit stop strategy—is one you’ll work on with your mechanics throughout the weekend, getting a feel for the car, and for how you think the race will play out. Soft tyres are hard? Short run on soft tyres followed by a longer run on a warming track on hards? You’ll need to think carefully about what is the strategy that will make you get to the finish line in the fastest possible time and that all begins with setting up your race pit stop strategy through the Pit Strategy Menu.
Knowing precisely when your ideal window will happen during a race, and knowing what tyres and fuel to take, are key to a successful race.

In the pit strategy window, you can make these decisions and, if the race plays out precisely as it should—the weather remaining as you imagined it would, and your pace and setup an race position being precisely on-point—you can run to your target pit stop window.

As any driver will know, though, that type of stress-free race is rare, and often, strategies need to be altered on the fly.
In Project CARS 2, responding to the changing nature of the race is made possible by the new for the franchise “In-Car Management” system. This is a powerful new tool that will allow you to respond to what is happening in the race.
This comprehensive In-Car Management system (ICM) allows you to make dynamic adjustments to your car set-up (if available on your car), pit strategy, and will also allow you to toggle driver aids.

It uses an easy-to-navigate, hierarchal menu system that can be accessed with a single button-click defined in your controller options and navigated using assignable D-Pad style controls as you’re racing.
The changes you can make to your car on the fly ranges from Brake Bias to Fuel Map, from requesting a pit stop to Car Management, which is a sub-menu that will allow you to alter crucial components such as Stability Control, Traction Control, and Anti-Lock Braking driver aid levels, plus the front and rear anti-roll bar settings.

The final piece of the ICM is the race strategy menu where you can select between strategies if you have created custom pit strategies, or adjust a strategy on the fly: change tyre compound, refuelling levels or damage repair. You can also choose to swap to an AI driver at your next pit-stop.
Using these two powerful options in tandem is a core part of your winning strategy, as Yorkie 065 explains in this week’s Insider’s Guide to Project CARS 2.

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