Project CARS provides a number of different ways for you to play: Career, Solo, Online, and Community. These make up the four pillars that are represented in our logo and are a testament to our wish for players to have freedom and variety when playing.

Play solo and create your own Quick Race Weekends or do some Free Practice, follow a structured representation of a driver’s career in Career Mode, or prove your mettle Online. But Project CARS also provides a fourth way of playing via The Driver Network; an always-accessible suite of features focused around allowing players to connect, compare, share, and compete against each other.

Project CARS was created alongside the community and The Driver Network is our continuation of that dedication to our players…


Project CARS Driver Network Profile


Your Driver Network Profile describes how you’re forging your ultimate driver journey in Project CARS…

• EXPERIENCE & FOCUS – Whether it’s competing with friends in online events or using your expertise under the hood making competitive tuning setups, your Driver Network Profile describes the game modes you love playing and your time spent in Career, Solo, Online, and Community events.

• AFFINITY – With such a wide variety of motorsports on offer and the largest track roster in recent years, the Driver Network displays those you’ve played the most and have had the most success with. Your Signature Car, your Favorite Track, and your Preferred Realism combo of controller, driving view, and handling model are all listed here.

• ONLINE – As you play events online both your performance and behaviour are monitored. Your win/loss ratio, number of pole positions, podiums, and average finishing place in both race and qualifying sessions. Also your reputation – determined by how many Yellow Flags you were involved in, your ability to adhere to racing rules, and any disqualifications. Racing clubs of friends will obviously want to ensure their members maintain both great Performance and Reputation stats in order to remain dominant and respected online.



Project CARS Driver Network Highlyght Reel
Project CARS Driver Network Highlyght Reel 2

Creators of online games have a wealth of options available to them in order to set up the perfect game with either friends or fellow members of the Driver Network community…

• Host Migration – if the host leaves, someone else automatically takes over that role
• Vote for Track Change – If you don’t like the current track choice, you can vote your dissatisfaction and prompt for a change
• Full Customisation – Hosts can decide a full list of restrictions and rules they prefer (interior cams only, rolling starts, damage off, regulation • severity, allowed driving aids etc..)
• Fill With AI – Hosts can elect to fill the grid with AI opponents if the lobby isn’t filled with humans
• Security – Hosts can name their lobbies and password-protect them (PC only)


Project CARS Driver Network Time Trials

The Driver Network Leaderboards store the lap records of every Project CARS player for every track location and the ghost data of how they achieved it.

Challenge other members of the Driver Network asynchronously in Driver Network Time Trial mode and use their ghost data as inspiration to improve your own time and shave those crucial hundredths of a second off your Personal Best!


Project CARS Driver Network 2016 Esports Season

Available from the Driver Network Community Events section within the game, players who sign up before April 1st will be able to participate in two Esports series occuring throughout 2016.

Consisting of a series of rounds that coincide with real-life motorsports events occurring on weekends throughout 2016, the aim of each round is to set the fastest lap time on the leaderboard before it expires with points then being awarded for leaderboard positions.

​Players and teams have until April 1st to register to play.

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