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With three major Series and numerous affiliate and platform-ran leagues under it’s belt, events at Gamescom, Paris Games Week, and EGX, weekly cups and monthly finals running for the past two years with ESL, special events with Audi and Ginetta, and key attendance at Intel Extreme Masters, Dreamhack, and Red Bull 5G, Project CARS Esports dominated as the #1 Racing Esport in 2017.

Now, with the upcoming release of Project CARS 2, we’ve been hard at work ensuring that Esports is built-in from day one with key functionality around competitive ranking, broadcasting/streaming, and news…



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Whilst playing in online game modes, your Seniority, Racecraft, and Skill
​are all tracked independently via an enhanced Elo-based rating system.​



Project CARS 2 features vast improvements to on-track anti-cheating via new Payback and Rulebook systems.

Both work in harmony to constantly monitor your on-track behaviour against the regulations of the current motorsport, and enforce you to pay any infringement back with either time or positions depending on its severity.


Rather than traditional systems where either an immediate slow-down penalty can potentially inadvertently cause further incidents, or a post-race time penalty confuses a watching audience, the vast improvements to Race Marshalling ensures any motorsport infractions are dealt with in real-time and are under the control of the driver as to when they choose to receive their punishment.


When setting up any online game (including Online Championships), you can additionally now assign both a Director and a Broadcaster.

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The Director is a non-competing player responsible for directing the action that is being streamed.

Via a bespoke Directing Suite, they will be able to immediately jump to watch a specific player or view from a particular part of the circuit, toggle onscreen overlays such as split times and standings for the watching audience, and get informed of incidents, overtakes, penalties, and all the action out on track.

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The Broadcaster is another non-competing player responsible for streaming the event for others to watch.

They will receive the live view from the Director and this will then be beamed to the streaming service of their choice (eg.. Twitch or YouTube Gaming).

The Broadcaster can also be the Shoutcaster, meaning any voice communication from this player will be audible on the stream.

Project CARS 2 Esports replays_1_origWith this division of labor, we’re putting the power of professional Esports racing broadcasts in your hands… create your own online game, assign a friend who will be responsible for directing the streamed video, and hire a shoutcaster who’ll commentate on it and stream it live to the world.



Primetime allows any player within Project CARS 2 to browse a list of live Esports events currently being streamed and immediately jump in to watch them.

Miss a broadcast? Catchup will point you to our curated playlists of archived video so you can watch at your own leisure…


For more information about series, leagues and events coming in 2018, please check our dedicated esports site.

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