Project CARS provides a number of different ways for you to play: Career, Solo, Online, and Community. These make up the four pillars that are represented in our logo and are a testament to our wish for players to have freedom and variety when playing.

When it comes to playing online it’s always been our goal to provide you with the tools you need to have great games both intimately with friends, through friendly competition with strangers, and in organised groups via competitive play. Below are just some of the ways we’ve listened to your feedback, identified particular player trends, and implemented key features that aim to make your experience both personal and reliable…


We know that how you play with strangers around the world is different to how you play with friends. And that’s why we’ve ensured they work differently depending on who you’re playing with.

Project CARS Online Public Lobbies


Public Lobbies are designed for quick or ad-hoc games with strangers. A lobby countdown timer dictates when the event begins and players can give a thumbs up to say they’re ready to go which speeds it up and gets everyone into the game faster. So if you’re playing multiple online games in a row with the same people, you’re sure to be able to jump into each with as little fuss as possible. Public Lobbies appear in a global browsable Current Public Games list that any player can join in and invite their friends to.

Project CARS Online Friend Lobbies


Friend Lobbies are designed for you and your friends to play in a more trustworthy environment with a host determining when the game starts based on communication amongst your friends either by text (PC) or voice chat (PS4, Xbox One).
Players can join Friend Lobbies either by choosing ‘Join Game’ from their Friend List or from being invited in by someone already in the lobby.


Private Lobbies are designed for players and companies out there that wish to only allow players that meet certain criteria entry. Eg.. you may be the curator of a sim racing league or large brand that wishes to only allow competition winners or league members access to a lobby.
With a Private Lobby you can thereby create bespoke lobbies of specific people that are only allowed to play.

Online lobbies of up to 16 players are supported on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and 32-bit PC.
32-player lobbies are available for PC players running in 64-bit mode.


Project CARS Online Host Options Image

Creators of online games have a wealth of options available to them in order to set up the perfect game with either friends or fellow members of the Driver Network community…

• Host Migration – if the host leaves, someone else automatically takes over that role
• Vote for Track Change – If you don’t like the current track choice, you can vote your dissatisfaction and prompt for a change
• Full Customisation – Hosts can decide a full list of restrictions and rules they prefer (interior cams only, rolling starts, damage off, regulation • severity, allowed driving aids etc..)
• Fill With AI – Hosts can elect to fill the grid with AI opponents if the lobby isn’t filled with humans
• Security – Hosts can name their lobbies and password-protect them (PC only)



Project CARS Online Mid Session Image

In all online games, Project CARS players are free to include any number of pre-race sessions such as Practice and Qualifying as they wish.

Additionally and crucially, players can join any of these pre-race sessions at any time. So if you’ve organised a race at 8pm, players can join at any time prior to that and set their qualifying time first.

Across all platforms, Project CARS also supports in-game text chat from the driving seat (mappable to any key) on PC, and voice chat on consoles allowing players to communicate, strategise, and engage in friendly rivalry with fellow opponents.

When sat in the Pit Box, players also have access to the in-game Chat Lobby allowing players to interact with other drivers, view their gamer cards and IDs, vote to skip to the next session and invite friends to join.

You can also view the current action out on the track from the Monitor station, and create your own Tuning Setups and Pit Strategies. Please see our dedicated video about the Pit Box for more info.

Once the event is over, you can then save the replay to your Driver Network Gallery.

Project CARS Online Peformance & Reputation

Your Driver Network Profile tracks many stats relating to your Experience, Focus, and Affinity. But it also tracks your Online Performance and Reputation…

• The number of races entered vs the number completed

• Breakdown of placement in those races

• Pole positions achieved in online qualifying sessions

• Average finishing position and average qualifying position

• The number of races where you incurred no penalties

• And the number of races where you were disqualified

All this information is then used to ensure you find players of similar skill and conduct. Continually collide with other drivers and you’ll slowly make acquaintances with others of similar destructive tendencies. Drive with good sportsmanlike conduct and you’ll be enjoying the company of other refined opponents.

So play fair, be successful, and greatness awaits.

From listening and seeing how our WMD community have played Project CARS throughout development, and from seeing how racing fans play other titles out there, we hope that all these features listed go a long way in ensuring Project CARS’ online play is not only authentic and intense but also seamless and efficient.

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