Project Cars 2 René Rast

​“It’s been a big joy working with the whole Slightly Mad Studios team again. We’ve made some big steps forward with Project CARS 2. For me, as a professional driver, the improved realism from scanning some of the tracks, which are now identical to their real-world counterparts, was crucial because having exactly the same conditions to be able to improve my driving is important. There are a lot more cars, too, which is fun, and car behaviour is far more realistic because that’s where we spent most of the development time on. Project CARS 2 is now my main training simulator at home.”
— René Rast

​René Rast, originally hailing from Minden in Germany, is on Audi’s factory driver roster for whom he has claimed some of the biggest wins in endurance racing, including wins at Spa, and the Daytona 24 Hours. Having kicked off his career with victory in the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany in 2008, he’s currently focusing his considerable talents in German touring cars in DTM, where he’s already proved a race winner and championship contender. He’s also raced in both LMP1 and LMP2 at Le Mans, and is a not-so-secret weapon in his Audi R8 LMS GT3. René’s intimate knowledge of endurance racing, touring cars, and GT has helped bring an authentic feel for the racing in these motorsports to Project CARS 2.

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Project Cars 2 Tommy Milner

Project CARS 2 has amazed me with the incredible depth of options and customizations available allowing me to have a new experience each time if I want it. Adding that to the very realistic driving experience makes Project CARS 2 the most immersive sim I’ve ever driven.”

– Tommy Milner

​The American drives for the factory Corvette Racing team and is a sportscar veteran despite his young age. A constant force in IMSA, he’s twice been a class winner at Le Mans in his C.7R over his six appearances, and has also competed at the Nürburgring 24 Hours. He’s always been a strong part of the race sim community, so has an innate understanding of both the virtual and real racing world.

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Project Cars 2 Ben Collins

​“Moving fast challenges your mind in a primal way. It forces you to connect with your senses and live in the moment. Project CARS 2 blasts your senses with speed, and the intuitive handling of the machinery connects you to the experience like no other game on the market. If you’re looking for adrenaline, then you’ve opened the right door.”
—Ben Collins

​Ben Collins, formerly “The Stig” from BBC’s “Top Gear” TV show, is a renowned driving coach, championship-winning race car driver, best-selling author, and sought-after Hollywood stunt driver. Ben has raced in many series over his career, from Formula 3 and the Le Mans 24 Hours to American Stock Car Racing. If it has wheels on it, you can bet Ben has driven the wheels off of it. Getting sideways and pushing cars to the limit—and beyond—in real-life has seen Ben’s involvement in Project CARS 2 translate to cars that now boast an unerring feel when going over-the-limit.


Project Cars 2 Vaughn Gittin Jr

​”Finally! A simulator that can offer a fun immersive experience in some of the best vehicles ever built for players of all skill levels to enjoy. The physics and overall feeling is so good, I can use it for training. I am so happy to be working with this very passionate team. What an exciting revolution for the gaming world.”
—Vaughn Gittin Jr.

​Vaughn is a superstar drifter from the USA. Born in Maryland, he’s won multiple Formula D, WDS and D1GP events – he was FD champion in 2010 and WDS in 2011 – and also competed in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. His iconic Mustang RTR is known the world over, and his collaborations with Ford have led to some of the most extreme machines the Blue Oval has ever produced.

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Project Cars 2 Nic Hamilton

“For Project CARS 2, we have totally ‘revamped’ the tyre model, with the tyre now allowing the car to react and perform realistically in all aspects of cornering. ‘Sliding grip’ has been a fantastic addition to our model, where the tyre is more progressive under load and which allows for controlling and catching slides, when on the limit, to be far more realistic. Not only does the tyre model perform better, but also the car ‘rides’ and behaves a lot better, which adds to the overall experience when driving in any type of condition as you experience our ‘LiveTrack 3.0’ model. If you enjoyed PCARS 1, then grab onto your helmets because Project CARS 2 knocks it out of the park!”
—Nicolas Hamilton

​Born in Hertfordshire, England, Nicolas Hamilton grew up in the world of racing alongside his older brother, three-time F1 World Champion, Lewis. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Nicolas has spent a lifetime overcoming physical disability with a desire, passion, and grace that has made him into a coveted and much-admired motivational speaker. His racing career has included a stint in the BTCC, and he’s now back behind the wheel of a Renault Clio. Nicolas is a sought-after public speaker, and was the focus of a film in 2016 that told the story of how he used sim-racing to prepare for his debut in real-world motorsports. Able to “translate” real-world feel to games, Nicolas’s feedback to Slightly Mad Studios has proved invaluable through the years.


Project Cars 2 Mitchell De Jong

​“The immense thrill you experience driving a race car is hard to imitate, but I have to say, Project CARS 2 nails it! With so many types of cars and tracks all over the world to choose from, it’s enough to quench your motorsports thirst. Adding rallycross to the mix is definitely a game-changer. I love the fact that, after heading home from a race weekend, I can easily jump back into driving my car on Project CARS 2.”
—Mitchell deJong

​Mitchell deJong was born to be a race driver. At the age of 9, the Californian won his first two championships in two different disciplines; he then raced in karts, off-road trucks, and Legend cars before pitting himself, at the tender age of just 14, against drivers twice his age in the crucible of the GRC. He won the Lites title in 2014 at 17, and is now riding in a Civic Supercar in the main class for the Honda Red Bull OMSE team. An established sim-racing star, and one of the fastest sim-racers on the planet, Mitchell has given Slightly Mad Studios a keen insight into motorsport from the view of a man who has been a winner in elite levels of both sim-racing and real-racing.


Project Cars 2 Oliver Eriksson

​”Project Cars 2 is the most exciting racing game because of how many different types of categories you can experience in one game. Bringing rallycross to the mix has made Project CARS 2 that much more exciting. Not only can you experience the hard-fought battles and door-to-door racing, but you can also try out ice-racing and any other surfaces that rallycross tracks around the world has to offer. So if you’re up for the Ultimate Driver Journey, this is the game for you.”
—Oliver Eriksson

​Swedish driver Oliver Eriksson competes in a Honda Civic Supercar in the Global Rallycross series in the US. Oliver is the third member of one of rallycross’ most iconic families to race a Red Bull GRC Supercar, following his father Andreas in 2011, and older brother Kevin in 2016. Five race victories in Lites have more than proven Oliver’s speed, while he was only one position away from being GRC Lites’ first-ever repeat champion in 2016. His insights into the new rallycross motorsport coming to Project CARS 2 has been invaluable.