Project CARS provides a number of different ways for you to play: Career, Solo, Online, and Community. These make up the four pillars that are represented in our logo and are a testament to our wish for players to have freedom and variety when playing.

Those wishing to follow a more structured representation of a driver’s career can do so in Career Mode, those wishing to prove their mettle can do so Online, and a number of Community features allow players to share, compete, and connect.

But sometimes we just want to jump into a quick game. Or experiment. Or try out a new car. Or practice an unfamiliar track. And that’s where our Solo features come in…


Project CARS Solo Features Quick Race Weekends


With Quick Race Weekends, you can create your own single event with total control over its location, structure, number and type of sessions, atmospheric conditions, and length.

That means you can create anything from a short race on a sunny go-karting track to a full endurance event complete with qualifying and practice sessions that runs through the night and throws everything Mother Nature has against you. You can even perform warmup and formation laps, accelerate the time of day up to 240x speed, and choose exactly where you want to start on the grid.

When you enter your event, if you chose prior sessions to the race, you’ll start in the pit box with a number of options available to you… watch the timings screen to see your opponents qualifying or warming up, switch to the Monitor to watch them live (complete with overlay map and/or onboard telemetry), tweak your tuning setup, or create your pit strategy for the upcoming race. If you can do it in real life, you can do it here.

There’ll be a separate article about Online features, but yes, you can also create Quick Race Weekends for multiplayer events too 🙂

We think the options available are going to let you create some amazing events which is why you can save your favourites to the Driver Network. More on that too though at a later date 😉


Project CARS covers a wide variety of motorsports and car types, and has the largest roster of track locations of recent years so sometimes it’s best to experiment and learn in a private setting away from the competition.

Free Practice allows you to hire a location out for a track day and use it either for private testing or your own fun. There are no time restrictions, no lap counters, and no flags or penalties so it’s an ideal time to create tuning setups for your cars.

Project CARS Solo Features Free Practice


Project CARS Solo Features Set Ups and Strategies

Players have full control over their car’s performance, handling, and race day tactics with the ability to create Tuning Setups and Pit Strategies.

Tire pressure, ride height, spring rate and bump info can be set for each individual wheel and front and rear downforce, toe angle, and sway bar settings can be dialled in. Globally, players can set brake presure and balance along with wastegate pressure, gear and steering ratios, and engine brake mapping amongst much more. And if you’re not sure what you’re doing or are trying to isolate a specific problem, simply check the Setup Manual for help or alternatively you can troubleshoot commonly-asked questions by asking your engineer!

Tuning Setups can then be saved to either specific locations or groups of locations with common characteristics.

When it comes to race day, you’ll be wanting to ensure you pit stops are as efficient and effective as possible. By creating pit strategies that anticipate a number of scenarios and setting them as active or inactive, players will be able to enter the pits knowing that their fuel refill, tire compound and pressure, and damage will all be attended to as quickly as possible.


In addition to your pit crew, you’ll also be assisted during your race by the Pit Engineer who will speak to you via Pit2Car radio informing you of weather changes, incidents around the track, changes in race position and timings, corner information and more!

And this key info is coming from someone who knows what they’re talking about – former BBC Top Gear ‘Stig’, championship-winning Le Mans race car driver, and world record breaker Ben Collins who has worked with the development team throughout as a consultant on the game’s handling.

When he speaks, you should listen 😉

Project CARS Solo Features Pit Engineer

Our aim with providing this depth and flexibility is to allow you to create your own authentic events that not only look beautiful but behave exactly as they do in real life complete with all the excitement and possibilities therein.

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